Hi, I’m Rosa Medea, a Writer and Content Producer. I write about Lifestyle, Travel, Global Stories, Local Tribes and Planet-wide Solutions. 

With an interest in nature and the natural charm of this world and its native inhabitants, I enjoy hunting the globe, connecting with communities, and writing about what I discover along the way. I bring local stories of places and people living their lives in harmony with the planet to the attention of a wider, global audience – sharing their wisdom and experiences with the world.

That said, the articles I write are vast and varied covering anything and everything from sustainable tourism initiatives, eco-friendly spas, sustainable travel guides, herbal fact files, climate-friendly initiatives, street art, through to entertainments, and more.

I’ve been writing professionally for around 20 years, although I’ve really been writing in one form or another since I was a kid. I have worked across various outlets and platforms including online, print, TV and radio – writing articles, trails, scripts and copy, as well as producing multimedia content.

I write articles, blogs, and produce content for various clients, as well as provide copywriting and editing services. I also have experience of Press and Marketing, and offer clients Press, PR and Marketing services.

I also run my own blog, Life & Soul Magazine, which focuses on sustainable lifestyle, green living and entertainments.

In addition to writing factual content, I enjoy creative writing and I’m currently writing a fiction book, Tarot Tales, a collection of short stories each of which is based on a card from the tarot deck and its teachings told through the stories of fictional characters from around the world in different life situations.

If you want to get in touch about article commissions or content services, you can leave me a message via the contact form below or send me an email.